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If you are a student, an audiovisual professional or you are interested in participating in the Festival Staff as a volunteer, you can make contact with the volunteer coordinators of the festival at este email. voluntarios@miradasdoc.com.

If you live in Guía de Isora and you wish to participate in the organisation of the festival you can make contact with the Department of Youth (Concejalía de Juventud) of the Guía de Isora Local Authority.

If you wish to attend the festival as a member of the audience and you wish to be accommodated close to the festival, we recommend that you visit the "Viajes" section of this web site, where you will find information on hotels and other accommodation options and special offers for the festival audiences.

The borough of Guía de Isora has many attractions to offer the visitor. You can see them all on the web page www.guiadeisora.es

All the news on the festival is to be found on this page.  However if you wish to receive specific information electronically send us an e-mail with your details (name and address to which you would like us to send the information) to info@miradasdoc.com