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MIRADAS MARKET is the international forum of documentary professionals directed at producers/directors from Africa, Latin America and Asia, who have projects under way and are looking for financing, or alternatively finished projects which need distribution or exhibition. There is also space for projects that have been produced elsewhere in the world which deal with subjects from the regions or on North-South relations.
The Canary Islands, considered as a result of their location as a natural bridge between the continents of Europe, Africa and America, become the ideal platform for a documentary market in which producers from the south can sell their documentaries in Europe and by extension in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere. In previous editions, Miradas Market has tried to selected purchasers who are sensitive to our documentary themes: 3 SAT, ARTE TV, AL – JAZEERA, Canal France International, Canal Historia, Canal Odisea, Canal Plus, Cuatro TV, Doc & Co, Explora Films, First Hand Films, Icarus Films, ITVS International, J.M.T. Films Distribution, Nuevo Mundo Televisión, RTBF, Ruth Diskin Films, SABC, Smiley Film Distribution, SVT Arts & Cultura, Tele Asturias, Telesur, Televisión Canaria, TV3,  TV Cultura Brasil, TVE, TVES, YLE…

The attractive landscape of Guía de Isora on the island of Tenerife, with a spring-like average temperature of 24ºC, the modern infrastructure and communications that the island has, as well as the prestige afforded by its hotels, make this area the perfect setting for an international meeting point between documentary professionals.

The cost of registration of professionals at Miradas Market is 100 euros per person for companies without a stand, for companies that wish to attend with a stand the cost is 250€.

The programme of Miradas Market includes:
One to One Pitching Meeting: A personal and modern mode of pitching designed so that projects that are under way can achieve financing or pre-purchase agreements.  
Screening: 40 individual viewing cabins devoted to purchasers of the best documentary produced or filmed in the South.
Sessions of lectures and professional round tables.
Parallel activities (music, drama…)