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The main purpose of the SCREENING is that purchasers, programmers, distributors and TV stations may view documentaries with a social content, with the aim of purchasing the rights of exploitation thereof and reach agreements of distribution or exhibition.
How can I present a documentary for the Screening?
The requirements for the presentation of documentaries for the SCREENING are the same as for the documentaries presented for the Official Section for Competition of the Miradas-Doc Festival and are in the regulations. The registration is to be made via the form which is on the web-site of the festival.
Who can present a documentary?
Documentaries on any subject produced after 1st January 2007. The documentaries presented must have been made by independent professionals and producers from Africa, Asia and Latin America or producers from the rest of the world who have made documentaries in these regions of the South. Miradas Market also opens a window to documentaries on social subjects from countries of the North.
Just like the Miradas-Doc Festival, the SCREENING includes a section devoted to social documentaries which is produced in Spain and to non-fiction works on any subject made by documentary filmmakers from the Canary Islands.
Deadlines and other indications.

The period of time for registration of documentaries at the SCREENING opens together with the official summons to competition of the International Festival of Documentary Cinema of Guía de isora, MIRADAS-DOC.
A single producer can present for selection the number of documentaries that he wishes. Participation of the selected documentaries in the SCREENING is free of charge.

Those documentaries which have been selected must resend at least two DVD PALs for each documentary registered, so as to avoid delays in viewings. Likewise, and due to the presence of purchasers from non-Spanish speaking countries, it is recommended that those documentaries that do not have a version in English, should be subtitled in that language.

The documentaries selected will form part of the catalogue of the SCREENING and, therefore, they will be viewed exclusively by purchasers, distributors and television programmers attending the event. The copies of these documentaries will not be returned and will form part of the video library of the Festival for use purely for consultation. 

It is recommended that the selected filmmakers should send promotional materials for the different documentaries selected for the Screening (posters, press books, photos, slides, etc).

All the costs for sending to the Festival, the DVDs and promotional materials, including the customs fees if they should exist, will be payable by the companies which present the different documentaries. All packages must be prepaid. The Organisation will not accept packages for payment by the addressee.