Decision Makers 2014



CANAL+ (Spain)

Íñigo Trojaola

Head of Non Fiction Contents Canal+ Spain

Canal + is a Premium Pay-tv Station. They look for very new and unprecedented titles with very high production values. Canal+ acquires about 100 hours of documentaries per year, and prebuys around 10-15 hours. Four their Dok Brand, around 20 long feature documentaries, some of the most successful documentaries in the international and national panorama. For this channel they also acquire blue chip wildlife productions and documentaries related to sports, cinema, fashion or music. Canal + Xtra offers an alternative TV programming. For this channel they acquire about 40 documentaries every year, many of them related to arts. Canal + coproduce about 4 to 5 documentaries each year.


TVE (Spain)

Andrés Luque

Executive Producer

Televisión Española is the Spanish public television, it gathers two generalist channels and four thematic channels. One of these thematic channels airs on

high definition. In our programming grid there are two slots where we broadcast our co- productions. These are biographic documentaries called “imprescindibles” and the Sunday ́s evening documentaries focused on cultural content. We are interested in Spanish topics and Spanish producers. There must be at least one Spanish production company involved in the co-production.



Diana Armas

Production Executive

As far as financing through pre-acquisition of broadcast rights, that is to say, buying programs that are still in the production stage, we mostly buy rights for documentaries that focus on issues that are of interest for the Canary Islands and/or are produced locally (in the Canary Islands). The topics are very varied, including personalities, history, nature, ethnography, music, traditions, social issues, etc. In short: issues that appeal to a general audience within the Canary Islands or universal themes of general interest produced by companies based in the Canary Islands.

We are especially interested in programs about 52′ length, but we’re flexible and this is not really a problem as long as the content is interesting for us. Over the past few years, we have acquired an average of 10 projects a year.



Manuel Raya

Documentary broadcasting coordinator

Televisió de Catalunya is the public Catalan broadcaster and depends on the Catalan Autonomous Government. TVC has historically been the most watched TV by Catalunya’s citizens. TVC is the major producer of television content and it operates 4 channels. These are some of the programs which show documentaries: “El Documental”, creative proposals with social undertones; “60 minuts”, current affairs and politics; “Sense Ficció”, a window to the best genre documentaries; “Sala 33”, a selection of Catalan production long-length films with theatrical path (fiction and documentaries) and other documentary programs, focused on arts and culture, nature and environment, science, travel or history.


FIRST HAND FILMS (Switzerland)

Ayse Poffet

Head of Finance / Sales Manager International Sales & Services

A strong story and a creative director. Daring documentaries with good narratives – we are looking for series, one-hour TV- and feature length – versions. Films that are subversive and commercial at the same time – that change the world and don’t forget to entertain the audience. First Hand Films wants to make people laugh, cry, fall in love and learn something.

The company acts as Executive Producer for selected projects and has worked with all major broadcasters (ABC, Arte, BBC, CH4, HBO, NHK, PBS, ZDF, a.m.o.).



Elena Mera

General coordination

Treeline Distribution is specialized on international distribution of documentaries. In our catalog we include any kind of productions. Our extensive experience let us recognize those documentary films wich thematic, quality and treatment can be sold to different channels around the world and we can identify the best strategy for each one. We are open to any kind of film interesting for us: nature, science, environment, history, travel and lifestyle. We prefer a series. We added to our catalog between 10 and 20 titles per year, allowing us to take care of them individually. Sometimes we get involved in pre-sales projects or coproduction.



Manuela Buono

Sales Agent

Slingshot Films is a sales agency based in Trieste (Italy), and specialized in creative documentaries and arthouse fiction films. Founded in 2013, the company soon became recognized in the worldwide market . Our inputs include: project development, financing strategies, traditional and digital distribution, rights negotiation, project packaging, promotion and marketing.



Andrea Cals

Content Advisor

Curta! means “enjoy!” in Brazil (besides short duration or short distance). Canal Curta! is one of the few new Brazilian Pay TV channels created by the chance of the new Pay TV quotas regulatory environment and was launched on Nov 1st 2012. Canal Curta! is obliged to run at least 12 hours a day of Brazilian independent productions. Despite the initial regulatory motivation, the channel found quite fast its relevant niche audience: among 26-64 years old, interested on hi-end sophisticated cultural subjects.



Audiovisual Consultant and Proffesor

I have worked for the Spanish audiovisual industry since 1992. I handled many different positions into both private and public sector but always focused on the international area, on promotion, distribution and co-production.

At the moment I am working as free lance and for the Association of Producers of the Balearic Islands as their consultant for international affairs.


Kathryn Bonnicci
Head of Acquisitions & Development

Founded in 2005, Java Films rapidly established itself as one of Europe’s leading independent documentary distributors, providing production support and distribution to both finished films and projects in development.

IOur films include international Emmy winners and have been nominated for prestigious prizes like the Goyas or premiered at important festivals like Tribeca, IDFA or HotDocs.


Montse Portabella
Head of Acquisitions & co-productions

Motion Pictures is a leading independent production and distribution company based in Barcelona since 1977. Nowadays the company holds TV and Home Video rights for 3.000 half hours of animation, 250 hours of series, over 300 TV movies and about 500 hours of documentaries for Spanish territory. The company has recently been involved in European co-productions of some high quality animation and documentary series.





Ignacio LLobet

Acquisitions executive

The department of acquisitions is in charge of buying finished productions. Our main interest in documentaries is focused on wildlife, nevertheless we are open to other genres which we find interesting at the moment, which may affect our region and because we think they can achieve good ratings. After all the main goal of the acquisitions department is to buy profitable productions for our TV Channel. The productions must have professional audio and video standards and a running time of 52’ or 26’ in order to fill one hour or half an hour of commercial TV time.


3 BOXMEDIA (España)

Lorenzo Benítez


We distribute content to TV channels, internet platforms and online video rental outlets worldwide interested in developing their viewers’ fidelity and surprising them every day. We are viewers. We are journalists and professionals of the audiovisual sector. We want to show the work that excites us, that makes us think and feel, aimed to a wide audience. We only sell productions we believe in and we enjoy an activity in which we put all our effort and passion. We are international distributors and producers who support unique films and documentaries. We commit ourselves to our filmmakers and to the channels and platforms that buy their creations.