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Hotel Palacio de Isora 922 86 90 00/ reservas 902 144 440 [email protected]/
Hotel Abama Golf Spa & Resort 922 12 60 00/ reservas 902 105 600 [email protected]
Hotel Bahía Flamingo 922 86 22 22
Hotel Barceló Varadero (aparthotel) 922 86 98 00 [email protected]/

Accomodation in Rural Houses and hotels

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Hotel rural El Navío (Alcalá) Double Room 48,50 €/day
Junior suite Rooms (3 persons) 70,30 €/day
*2 nights minimum
922 865 680 /
653 23 90 03
Casa rural La Zapatería (Chío) Complete house 4 persons 40 €/day 922 852 145 /
606 900 196
Casa rural El Atajo Complete house 8 persons 100 €/day
4 persons 50 €/day
922 852 038 /
620 80 36 28
Finca Las Dulces Apartment 3 persons 40 €/day 922 850 261 /
629 521 006
Casa Vidal 1 – 4 persons 60 €/day
5 – 6 persons 90 €/day
*3 nights minimum
922 853 189


Pensión Alcalá 922 86 54 57/ 677 155 422


Map of Guía de Isora – Tenerife

The borough of Guía de Isora is located in the southwest of the Island of Tenerife and is one of the four largest boroughs on Tenerife at 143.43 Km2.
Ver MiradasDoc 2011 en un mapa más grande pdfGuía turística de Guía de Isora

How to arrive?

By Plane: We recommend that you arrive at Tenerife South Airport. Tenerife South – Reina Sofía is located in the borough of Granadilla de Abona. Over one hundred and fifty airlines fly from this airport operating flights of an inter-island, national and international nature and almost nine million passengers a year make use of its facilities, which makes it one of the most used in Spain. It is only a stone’s throw from the most important resorts in the south of the Island. Access to the airport is from the TF – 1 Motorway. Distance from Reina Sofía Airport to Guía de Isora: 30 Km Tenerife North – Los Rodeos Airport is over 100 kilometres away. By Road: The TF 1 motorway connects with the TF 82 and TF 47 roads. Via TF 82, there is access to the villages of Vera de Erques, Tejina, Acojeja, El Pozo, Guía de Isora, Chinche, Chiguergue and Chío. Via TF 47, there is access to the villages of Playa San Juan, Alcalá and Cueva del Polvo. These routes are covered daily by public transport.

Links of interest

Bus service to Guía de Isora +34 922 53 13 00 Southern Airport, Taxi Service +34 922 397 074


The Festival offers to all attenders and guests, entirely free, recreational walkabouts in Guía de Isora and its sorroundings. For further information and applies, please contact [email protected] or ask the festival staff for details. Limited places!
29th October.
Cultural route: Chío. Meeting point: 10:00, in front of “Fotos Virgilio”

Difficulty level: low


  • We will start explaining a little bit of Chío history, where it is, and a small introduction about the villagers’ census records.
  • We start going down Virgen de la Luz street, telling about streets, former sawmills, and the old shops from this Guía de Isora village.
  • We will stop at the old fountains, where we will remember the times when women washed clothes and animals drank there.
  • We will visit the church, pride of the villagers, and the backyard of Mrs. Frasca, where it is now the post office and Chío’s neighborhood association.
  • We will end the route at Rural Hotel El Atajo, Chío’s former school.



30th October.
La Cañada – Cabeza de Vaca path. Meeting point: 9:00 at Chirche cultural centre.

Difficulty level: low-medium


  • From Chirche, village of cultural wealth because of its well-conserved traditional architecture, we will take La Cañada path. There we could see some elements of ethnographic interest, specially the amazing views of Chío village, the municipality sea-coast and La Gomera island.
  • We will pass through the peaceful village of Chiguergue, where the Cabeza de Vaca path begins. The whole path is spotted with vegetation on a spectacular volcanic landscape.


31st October.
Cultural route: Guía de Isora town. Meeting point: 10:00, Church square.

Difficulty level: low


  • We will make the introduction on the church square, then we will enter the church where we could see its sculptures and Isoran history and anecdotes will be told.
  • The Town Hall and its plenary hall, the department of culture and Manuel Martín González art exhibition will be shown.
  • We will walk along the alley at the back of the Town Hall towards the Auditorium and the route will end at the local Cultural Centre.


1st November.
La Campana path. Meeting point: 9:00 in Aripe bar.

Difficulty level: low


It will be a great day, perfect for the mountain and natural places that will take us from Aripe to Chirche villages. We will along a path where we could see some elements of ethnographic interest, specially Tejina mountain, the municipality sea-coast and La Gomera island. The path is spotted with endemic vegetation.


Chirche cultural route. Meeting point: 9:00 at La Vistita cottage.


Like Aripe, Chirche is a wealth of cultural interest.

  • The visit will start at La Vistita cottage and we will go up to Chirche Cultural Centre, seeing Chirche former school of Los Mesa house, Aunt Francisca’s House –our headquarters here in Chirche-, the church and the traditional streets. All this will move us to an Isoran spot full of traditions.