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Erlend Indseth has a Master degree in Media Science and has worked in the film industry for 9 years. During that time he has worked for several Danish and Norwegian production companies, including Nimbus Film, Danish Documentary Production, SF Film Production, M&M Productions, Plus Pictures and Monster Scripted, mainly as production coordinator and fundraising specialist.


He has been with The Why Foundation since 2014, and is currently the series producer for World Stories.


WORLD STORIES is an annual series of 20 documentary films made by acclaimed filmmakers that tell stories from the world to the world.


WORLD STORIES reaches 700 million people yearly through our unique network of local and national broadcasters in 194 countries.


This includes amongst others TV Rain (Russia), Al Wattan TV (Palestine), UN Futura (Brazil), Aljadeed (Lebanon) and BBC World News.


WORLD STORIES reaches an unprecedented number of people, and has the largest audience of any single human interest focused documentary film strand in the world.
The films are selected to represent a broad spectrum of social justice and human rights issues. Each series will therefore have films that relate to the following subcategories: culture & everyday life, civil & political rights, war & peace, inequality & development, gender & sexuality


Our editorial team selects 20 outstanding documentary films per year and edit each film to a 45 minute television version.


The films are licensed, versioned, updated and dubbed into local languages for broadcast partners around the world.