Ms. Diana Díaz Soto




Señal Colombia Network
National Radio Television of Colombia – RTVC





About Señal Colombia:


Señal Colombia is a national public, educational and cultural television network that tells the story of the country and the world through a visual narrative; it is also a space for creation. Its programs see the past with new eyes and build a vision of the present, reveals contradictions and celebrates agreements, gathers cultural assets and registers different ways of thinking and feeling real life. The network promotes a local story with a universal vision, and through this process it creates the visual memory of the country.


Señal Colombia has 4 main slots: Fiction, Non Fiction, Sports and Children’s programming: we produce and coproduce with national and international producers animation, documentaries, no fiction and fiction projects.


  • Stories about the greatest discoveries of mankind (science, inventions, society relations with technology and paradigm shifts, etc.)
  • Stories that take into account different peace processes that have taken place over the past decades around the world, due to the current political and social moment in Colombia.
  • Stories about food as an articulator and differentiator factor of different cultures worldwide.
  • Biographical documentaries (not only profiles) about influent personalities of world history (social leaders, politicians and opinion makers)
  • Stories about big and significant social transformations (minorities rights, influential and powerful women, LGBTI community, etc.).
  • Stories about sports as an activity that forges, promotes values and generates reflection, as well as the impact of athletes beyond their sport practices and results.


Aspects to take into account:


  • Geographical coverage of local stories with worldwide impact.
  • Universal narrative text structures and engaging characters. Untold stories and/or its approach and perspective are unique.