Alex Pitstra / 93’ / 2016 / Países Bajos

Direction: Alex Pitstra
Executive Production: Anja Cloosterman, Rosan Breman
Production: Niek Koppen, Jan De Ruiter
Script: Alex Pitstra, Katja Schoondergang
Cinematography: Tadeusz Kieniewicz, Alex Pitstra, Rosan Breman
Editing: Jos Driessen
Sound: Pawel Uszynski, Alan van Ramshorst, Lennart Kleinen

The Dutch filmmaker Alex Pitstra, born Karim Alexander Ben Hassen, is 25 when he receives a letter from his Tunisian father, whom he hasn’t seen since his early childhood. His father wants to see him. Alex decides to travel to Tunisia and try to build a relationship with his extended family, who welcomes him as the prodigal son. In his quest to reconnect with his roots, Alex has to face not only the cultural differences between him and his family, but also the questions of his Dutch mother. What role should he play as the son of two cultures?

Alex Pitstra (April 8, 1979) was born from the marriage between a Dutch woman and a Tunisian father. He met his father only later in his life. Alex studied multimedia, communication and film theory and afterwards focused on making movies. He works on various commissioned films, but also on his own projects. In his debut film Die Welt (2012) and the subsequent documentary Bezness as usual (2016), Alex examines his Tunisian roots.