Lucas Distéfano / 62' / 2016 / Argentina

Direction: Lucas Distéfano
Production: Lucas Distéfano, El otro lado films, Vientocine, INCAA
Cinematography: Alejandro Tarraf
Script: Lucas Distéfano
Editing: Diana Cardini
Music: Carmen Baliero

San José de las Salinas, Córdoba, Argentina. A 77 year old man marries a 33 year old woman. Three years later the woman, with the help of her brother, murders her husband. As we investigate the causes of that murder, three people explain other possible derivations of the crime. 

Lucas Distéfano is a scriptwriter, producer and photographer. He followed a degree in film scriptwriting in TEBA and attended the production workshops given by José Martínez Suárez. He has received awards from the FNA, the Fondo de cultura de la ciudad de Buenos Aires (the city of Buenos Aires Cultural Fund), and an artist’s grant for a residency in Antarctica. Among other films, he has produced: Ballena Blanca (54’) and Un poco de rigor (15’).