Poland / 90’ / HD

Łódź, Poland, 1989: Stairs became a stage for a new breed of youth. In the harsh reality of the post-industrial city, ‘riding the rails’ became a way of life for teenagers, a symbol of the California dream.
Witnessing the city’s transformation, they stepped on their boards to forget everything and ride.
In time, many kids lost their way, caught up in the culture they adopted. Increasing competition and a need to survive turned them against each other. Will they retain the dream of teenage freedom promised by this subculture or will they become victims of free market and commercialism?

Haukur M is an Icelandic filmmaker who produced and directed his first feature film “(Ó)eðli” in 1999. He financed this film by working as a fisherman in the North Atlantic. The film got national distribution in cinemas and television. In 2003 he produced and directed his second feature “1.apríll” with the support and patronage of who he calls the father of Icelandic cinema, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson. Haukur graduated in 2013 from the Lodz Film School in Poland, he studied directing there along with his wife Ásta Júlía Guðjónsdóttir . . Haukur and Ásta work closely together and their collaborative works have been very successful at film festivals such as Worldwide Short Film Festival Toronto, Reykjavik International Film Festival and many others.

Haukur is a co-founder of NUR, an independent production company, where he works as creative producer and director.


2018 – Cult Of Concrete – documentary / writer & director [development stage]
2018 – Dear Child – fiction / co-producer
2017 – New Blood – documentary / producer [production stage]
2003 – 1.apríll – fiction / writer & director
2000 – (Ó)eðli – fiction / writer, director & producer

2017 – Thula – co-writer, director & producer
2013 – Bruised – director & producer
2012 – Hole In The Wall – writer & director
2011 – Mission to Mars – writer & director
2010 – In Memoriam – writer & director

2012 – Boat Town – writer & director
2011 – Invisible Borders – writer & director

In Memoriam – 2nd place – Short Film Days ’11, Iceland
Invisible Border – Jury Award – RIFF ’11, Iceland
Mission to Mars – Audience Award – Łodzią po Wiśle ’11, Poland
Mission to Mars – Best International Short Film – Cortomate’11, Spain
Mission to Mars – Best film – Short Film Days ’12, Iceland

NUR is a foundation established by three people from Poland and Iceland during their studies in The National Polish Film School in Łódź, Poland. After its’ establishment in May of 2012 NUR foundation managed to accomplish production o six short films and started development of two feature documentaries: “Cult of Concrete” and “New Blood” (which already secured production fund from The Polish Film Institute and Polish National TV, as well as obtained an Icelandic co-producer with possible support of Icelandic Film Center). In 2016 NUR became a part of an international co-production between UK, Brazil and Poland, that will result in a feature fiction film in 2018. NUR has also started long-term projects such as: bringing back to life abandoned monument as an open film center and a venue for all foundation’s activities (among others: film festivals and projections, concerts, lectures, theater shows). NUR is focused on supporting and initiating artistic activities, with film as priority. It is seeking, creating and promoting new forms of artistic expression and innovative methods of supporting the evolution of cultural environment.

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