Eugeniusz Pankov /19’ / 2015 / Polonia

Direction: Eugeniusz Pankov
Production: Ewa Karolewska
Cinematography: Nadezhda Kostygina
Editing: Cecylia Pacura
Sound: Lucyna Wielopolska

Iryna Myenova signs a contract with the Transhuman Company to freeze her 98-year old mother. This should happen when her heart stops beating but her brain is still alive for a few minutes. She does so in the hope that technology in the future will bring her back to life and even make her young again. Iryna also signs a contract to freeze herself after her death. Her aim is to start a new, better relationship with her mother, who was extremely strict and selfish. She didn’t allow Iryna to have any friends…

Eugeniusz Pankov was born in 1988 in Rivne (Ukraine). He studied in the department of direction at the Lodz School of Cinema. He has lived in Poland since the young age of four. He is the writer and director of seven short films and winner of numerous international film awards, such as the Grand Prix Osen Kinofest, in Moscow or the Best Documentary Student Short Award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.