Uruguay / 70' / 4K

After thirteen years in Guantanamo, Muhammad is set free and transferred to Uruguay. At 35, he is given a second chance in a Western country where his language is not spoken and his religion is not practiced. Muhammad will try to start a new life. Will he able to?

Guillermo Rocamora.


Born in Uruguay in 1981, Guillermo took some courses on Communication Studies at the University of the Republic, as well as attending a screenwriting workshop at the Film and Television International School in Cuba. He has been directing commercials since 2005, working for Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain. He has been short-listed for Cannes several times and has won a number of international awards. In 2004, he wrote and directed his first short film, Conexiones. In 2007, together with Javier Palleiro, he wrote and directed the short film Buen viaje (Good Trip), which was part of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival official selection. He co-wrote and directed the feature film Solo, premiered in March 2013 at the 30th Miami International Film Festival, where it won the award for best directorial debut film. Solo was also featured at the Havana International Film Festival, the Jecheon (South Korea) International Film Festival as well as film festivals in San Pablo, Chicago and Vancouver. He has directed and scripted documentary films for Discovery and Fusion TV (USA). He was in charge of editing Facundo Marguery’s feature-length documentary A 60 Km/h, selected IDFA 2014. He has produced and co-written Javier Palleiro’s feature film Respirar, which has the support of the Berlinale’s Talent Campus and the Ibermedia program. In 2014, he took part in the PI – Proyectos Imprescindibles (Indispensable Projects) workshop, run by Argentinean plastic artist Diana Aisenberg, where he developed his first artistic photography project, Diario de un nuevo mundo. He is currently working as producer of three Argentinean feature films: Julieta Ledezma’s 58 Eslabones, Ariel Rotter’s La Luz Incidente and Matias Luchessi’s El Pampero.

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