KONIEC SWIATA / Monika Pawluczuk / 40’ / 2015 / Polonia

Direction: Monika Pawluczuk
Production: Katarzyna Slesicka, Monika Pawluczuk
Editing: Agnieszka Glinska, Marcin Latanik
Music: Mikolaj Trzaska

This visually creative and intimate documentary brings two stories together one night. Lonely people in a big city are looking for someone with whom they can start a conversation. Some needlessly call 112. Others call a radio show in which the host is asking listeners about the end of the world and what it means to us all. They talk about tragic, painful, funny and even insignificant subjects. Their need to be heard and share their experiences with others is evident and moving. The radio is the element linking these nocturnal events.

Monika Pawluczuk is a director and producer, known for Koniec swiata (2015), Kiedy bede ptakiem (2013) and Modelki (2007).