Jin Huaqing / 31 ’/ 2016 / China

Direction: Jin Huaquing
Production: Cheng Tiegang
Cinematography: Thonko, Yang Jiaxin, Wang Jie, Xiong Long
Editing: Yang Jiaxin, Lu Xiaoxia, Tang Chunchao
Sound: He Xian

The Tibetan Girl portrays the purity and religious piety of Drolma, who comes from Sichuan, China, along with her happiness and sadness. The film reveals the conflicting nature of Tibetan beliefs and traditions as they face modern, urban civilization.

Huaqing Jin has directed films like Living with Shame, Blossom with Tears, Lament of Yumen, Endless Road and many more. He has received 40 awards in international film festivals in 18 countries – France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Japan… ­–, including The UNICEF Prize (2012) for Best children’s Film at the 27th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, and the 4th China Documentary Academy Award for Best Short Documentary. Huaqing Jin is the director of Shanxi Culture Industry Investment holdings co Ltd, a creative tutor of Lanzhou University, and a visiting instructor of Zhejiang University Of Media And Communications. He is also an adjunct lecturer of Suzhou University.