ESPAÑA / 80’ / HD

Deep in the jungle, in the remote villages of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, five veterans of Cuba’s intervention in Angola live unaware of the profound transitions that modern Cuba is going through. Every day, as a secret ritual, they train to fight against the imperialist enemy. They are the last samurai of the Cuban Revolution.

Irene Gutiérrez


Director, writer and producer Irene Gutierrez was born in Ceuta, a Spanish city located in the North of Africa, at the border between Europe and Morocco. She is a Berlinale Talents (2014) fellow and a Spanish General Consulate of New York Fellow in film (2015). Her first feature film debut, “Hotel Nueva Isla” (2014), produced by El Viaje Films, was premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and was part of the MoMA Documentary Fortnight 2015, among another 40 international film festivals. It received many support grants (Sundance Grant for Development, ARTE, Cinergia, ICAA, Ibermedia), garnered rave reviews (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Cahiers du Cinema Spain, The L Magazine, Criterion Cast) and won many awards including Best Documentary Award from New Orleans IFF, FICALI (Colombia), Docs DF (Mexico), Miradas Doc (Spain), and a Jury Prize in Jeonju IFF (South Korea) and Austin Las Americas, among others.

She received her MFA in Fine Arts & Cinema Studies with high honors. José Alayón, with El Viaje Films, produced her master’s thesis in documentary film, “Border Diaries” in 2012. Since then they have been working together.

She is the co-director and coordinator of the MA in Documentary Film Production at the EICTV (Cuba), the film school from where she graduated in 2004. Since then she has taught documentary filmmaking in Cuba, NY, Colombia and Spain.

Her films and research try to link the intimate portrait and the historical dimensions of her characters, pushing the boundaries of the traditional storytelling in order to range across the landscape as an expression of the political tension between individuals and nation.

Awarded at Locarno International Film Festival (2015) and Nominated for the European Cinematography Awards (2016), El Viaje Films was born in 2004. In these years El Viaje has consolidating very recognizable signs of its identity through works where the valour of the authorship, the interest for new narrative formulas and a strong ethical commitment with their stories and characters are esential.

In recent years he has carried out, with remarkable success, his own projects and in co-production: Holland, France, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Morocco, among others. El Viaje Films productions have a solid track in markets and festivals around the world, with awards that show an excellent reception by critics and public. In addition to this, the filmography of El Viaje have achieve institutional support such as the MEDIA Program, IBERMEDIA Program, Sundance Institute, ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, Government of Spain) and Canarias Cultura en Red (Government of the Canary Islands) and from some time ago, the increasing participation of private investors.

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