Ayerim Villanueva /10’ /2016 / Costa Rica

Direction: Ayerím Villanueva
Production: Ayerím Villanueva
Editing: Ayerím Villanueva

“Humanity is an ocean”. A day in the life of Don José, who, like a drop from the ocean, contains the entire universe in him.

Ayerim Villanueva was born in 1987 in the Dominican Republic. She’s currently in her final year of Filmmaking studies at Nueva Escuela de Cine y TV, Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica. She also attended the documentary workshop at the EICTV, Cuba. She worked as a jury at the FICG Guadalajara 2016. Her short-films Nostalgia, These Days, Rosario and Trace have been exhibited at Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, 2-Minute FilmFest at Carnegie Museum of Art, Girona Film Festival, China Women’s Film Festival, Shnit International Shortfilmfestival (Costa Rica, 2016), Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (India, 2016), Grand Off – World Independent Film Awards (Poland, 2016) and others. She is currently working on her thesis Project: Elena.