Navarro y Morales / 7’ / 2016 / España

Direction: Navarro y Morales
Production: Navarro y Morales
Script: Navarro y Morales
Editing: Navarro y Morales

Beliefs, practices and representations related to death act as affirmation rituals of the social order in a complex symbolic scheme where death dominates Juana’s life through a perpetual mourning subject to prohibitions and concessions.

Silvia Navarro (Tenerife, 1986) studied sociology at the University of La Laguna and the University of Barcelona, following a career path in cultural sociology. At the same time, she was exploring a personal path in the field of photography and her latest exhibition Aquí los dioses también están presentes / Here the gods are present too opened in September 2016 at the Tenerife Space for the Arts (TEA). She has been co-editor of the poetry publishing house La Espera Ediciones and has published in magazines such as Piedra y Cielo, Fogal, Poisson Soluble and A Phala. With Miguel G. Morales, she has co-directed the short documentaries Juana (Award-winner, Canary Islands’ Section at the Fourth Tenerife International Short Films Festival, 2016) and Esclavos sin ser esclavos / Slaves without being slaves (Audience Award at the Tenth Visionaria Film Show, 2016)


Miguel G. Morales (Tenerife, 1978) studied film in Madrid and the EICTV of San Antonio de los Baños, Havana, Cuba. His documentary work between 2001 and 2012 ranges from topics such as the generation of the Second Spanish Republic, linked to the magazine Gaceta de Arte and to surrealism (Aislados / Isolated, Maud, Monsieur Domínguez, En el ala del sueño / On the wing of sleep and Los mares petrificados / The petrified seas), to pieces on the artist César Manrique (TARO. El Eco de Manrique / The Echo of Manrique) or the writers José Saramago and Ignacio Aldecoa. Works that have been filmed in different countries and have been shown at international festivals and national art centres. Apart from the documentary genre, he has also worked in fiction and video creation. Currently, in addition to preparing the filming of La vida lenta / The slow life, he is in the research and pre-production phase of the feature documentary El rumor de las sombras / The rumour of the shadows.