Spain / 75’ / HD

Everything remains intact and under the same rules in Puntagorda, a remote village into the bushes northwest on the island of La Palma, where silence, oblivion and ghosts have their space since ancient times. In its mountains, in a place that is called El Topo, life is also hard and solitary since ancient times. Carmen knows it well as she has seen how her whole family emigrated to America or to the big city. Her days pass slowly in the fields until one day her sister Elsa returns. The inheritance dispute over some land has torn them apart for forty years and Elsa wants to solve it before it is too late. In the trip she is accompanied by her daughter Macu who is a filmmaker. For her, filming the reunion between mother and aunt and discovering their roots while is mapping the mythical space of their family was something unimaginable. Macu’s research among the orchards of the inheritance unleashes the strange forces that rule the place. The supernatural is imposed over the reason when she discovers that a part of the disputed property was given as a gift to her great-great-grandfather by a soul. There will no longer be excuses for talking animals, ancestral spirits as light beings and ghosts to roam freely around El Topo.

Macu Machín is an independent filmmaker from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). She studied filmmaking in Madrid, screenwriting in Cuba (EICTV) and a Master’s Degree in Documentary Film at the Universidad del Cine of Buenos Aires. She has worked as a scriptwriter/director of documentaries in Barcelona, Argentina and Canary Islands for production companies like MEDIAPRO, GeoPlaneta and MediaReport. In 2006 she began a series of creative documentary short films about the landscape as ruin and memory. “The Empire of Light” won the Richard Leacock Prize for Best Short Film at the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’16 and has participated in prestigious experimental and auteur film festivals such as Curtocircuito, Zinebi and Tenerife Shorts. She also writes about films in specialized magazines such as “Fuera de Campo” (Ecuador) and in the book “Coutinho. Cine de conversación y antropología salvaje” (Argentina, 2013). Her project “The Limbo Line” was supported by Norsk Filmfond, Nordnorsk Filmsenter and participated in Sources 2 Script Development Workshop (MEDIA, Norway and Austria, 2009). Currently Macu continues to explore reality through short films while she is in the development stage with her first feature documentary “Fallen Leaves” (La Hojarasca), selected by CREADOC, follow-up programme for the development of creative documentaries.

Fe Eléctrica Films is an independent production company based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria specialized in experimental films and nonfiction. It has produced short films from Macu Machín like “Mysterious Ruins” (2014), “The Empire of Light” (2016), “Notes of the Empire I & II” (2016), “The Campaign” (2016) and transmedia performances like “Poets in the trench” (Poetas en la Trinchera, 2016). Fe Eléctrica Films is decided to explore new models of production, distribution and exhibition in order to develop projects without borders between fiction, documentary, essay and experimental from Canary Islands. At present, the company is working on the production of its first feature film “La Hojarasca” (Falling Leaves).

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