Pablo Baur / 60’ / 2016 / Argentina

Direction: Pablo Baur
Production: Francina Verdés, Federico Robles
Cinematography: César Boretti, Guillermo Iparraguirre
Editing: Maru Aparicio
Sound: Martín Sappia

Is it possible to represent a concentration camp? Can a film be built on the foundations of the remains of horror? This documentary film is a conceptual and emotional essay which breaks with the hegemonic discourse. A new perspective of what has already been seen. 180 degree panoramic sequences, extra diegetic sounds which fill what is left of La Perla, a concentration camp built during the last Argentinian dictatorship. What is important is not seeking the truth, but allowing the place to trigger our emotions. 

Pablo Baur was born in Córdoba, Argentina, 1966. He is a director, producer and scriptwriter of documentary films and holds a Master’s Degree in Documentary Films (Barcelona, Spain). He’s the director and co-founder of the Postgraduate in Contemporary Documentary at the National University of Córdoba, in Argentina (UNC) since 2012. His films have been selected in several international festivals, like Málaga Film Festival, Documenta Madrid, Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival (in Spain), Mar del Plata Film Festival (Argentina), Ghent (Bélgique), Cine Latino Toulouse (France), etc.