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Today as never before, technology, research and science allow mankind to live much longer lives in good health. In this scenario, life and death concepts must be re-thought: some stories taken from real life draw a portrait of different meaning of life extension.
A scientist from the North Pole, with the obsession of lifespan, studies a particular specie of whale who can live more then 200 years; in cooperation with other scientist from all over the world, they are trying to create a pill to allow humans to live up to120 years. A tenacious terminal aristocratic woman is trying experimental drugs to extend her progression free survival from cancer. In the “Blue Zone Area”, located in Sardinia Island, there is the world’s biggest concentration of centenarians: they look much younger than they actually are and still have an active life. In Shanghai some researchers have developed a death simulator to use as a palliative care for terminal patients, to simulate death, cremation and re-birth.

Mattuzzi Francesco, born in 1979, lives and works in Milan. It ‘s a documentarist director who use video as tools of research and representation of contemporary social reality, with particular attention to the sub- cultures and contexts in which they originate. In 2010 he presented together with Armin Linke, Future Archeology, during the Biennale Venice Film Festival (67th), in the Orizzonti competition, and then presented in more than 30 festivals around the world. In 2012 realizes Shapes, a short essay film, produced in collaboration with the Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, and was presented at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow and the FilmMaker international film festival in Milan. In 2014 White Planet, was presented at the Trento Film Festival and then presented in many festivals in Italy. In 2015 the film Eyelid was presented to the Trento Film Festival, CPH: DOX in Copenhagen and at AFFR architecture film festival of Rotterdam. During the Berlinale Film Festival, he has been selected to partecipate as director to the 2016 Berlinale Talents. In 2016. His first feature documentary film The Weight of Dreams has won the RAI CINEMA PRIZE at the International Visioni dal Mondo Film Festival, then selected to the International Rome Film Festival and Doc for Sale at IDFA, International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam.

L’Eubage srl es una empresa de producción y servicios con sede en la ciudad de Aosta (Italia, Alpes occidentales). La empresa comenzó como editora y organizadora de eventos cinematográficos. L’Eubage creó 2 festivales: Strade del Cinema, películas mudas y banda sonora original, y Filmontagna, festival de cine de montaña. A partir de 2007 L’Eubage tomó también la dirección del Cervino CineMountain International Film Festival ( La actividad de producción de video y lm comenzó en 2003 con Leo Gasperl, l’eleganza della piega, presentado en más de 10 festivales internacionales en Europa y producido con el apoyo de un proyecto FSE (Fondo Social Europeo). L’Eubage s.r.l. Está tratando de enfocar la producción hacia obras y conceptos innovadores y creativos. La sociedad, el medio ambiente, la antropología, la psicología se pueden comprender a veces mejor a través del poder de la imagen y la fotografía: ese es el camino de la empresa en los últimos 10 años.


Spedizione al Kahn Thengri (1991), Irlanda, Belfast 12 luglio (1998, Raitre VDA), Omaggio a Patrick Bérhault (2004, selección oficial Trento, Autrans y festivales de cine de Moscú)
(2005, Raitre VDA, selección oficial Trento, festivales de cine de Autrans), La plume de l’ours (2006, Raitre VDA), Per genti e per ghiacci (2006, Raitre VDA), Leo Gasperl,
Un menestrel (2010, Raitre VDA, selección oficial Trento, Zakopane y Vitoria Gasteiz festivales de cine),
Montagne di cristallo (2013, Festival de Cine de Trento),
Pianeta bianco (2014, productor, dirigido por Francesco Mattuzzi, selección oficial Trento Film Festival),
Verso dove (2014, Città di Imola para la mejor película italiana en el Festival de Trento, Mejor película de montaña y hombres en el festival de cine Ladek Zdroj, Polonia)
A la montagne (2015, productor, dirigido por Enrico Montrosset),
Pepino ha vuelto! (2015).

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