Paul Costes y Bijan Anquetil / 59' / 2016 / Francia

Direction: Paul Costes y Bijan Anquetil
Production: Raphaël Pillosio
Sound: Farokh Fadai

Mrs Saïdi is the portrait of an Iranian actress like no other. The mother of a martyr, aged over 70 years old, she is an important figure in Ali Abab, a popular neighbourhood in the south of Tehran. To everyone’s surprise, towards the end of her life, she became a movie star. 

Bijan Anquetil was born in Paris to a French father and an Iranian mother. After studying Philosophy and Visual Anthropology, he produced a series of documentary films in Iran.

Born in France in 1977, Paul Costes spent his childhood in Morocco. He studied Farsi in Paris and acquired his first training as a filmmaker by working on fiction film crews.
Since 2002, he has been directing documentary and fiction films, using the codes of both genres to experiment with the tools of storytelling. His work has been shown in numerous film festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand, Cinéma du réel, Lussas, Pantin, Doclisboa, FID Marseille, Doclisboa, Doc Point. His filmography includes: Gust of wind (fiction, 23’, 2002), Raw materials (documentary, 30’, 2006), The faces on the wall (documentary, 56’, 2007), Ashes (fiction, 23’, 2009, Prix à la qualité du CNC), The blue room (documentary, 49’, 2015) and Mme Saïdi (documentary, 59’, 2016).