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In December 1963, Kenya claimed her independence from the colonial power of Great Britain. For the first time the Kenyan flag rose high. The National Anthem told of our hopes for our country. What has followed since, is a mix of false starts, developmental progress, economic empowerment, and attempted coups. During which, we have come to the brink of civil war, repeatedly.

Through the country’s political ups and downs, triumphs and the chaos, stands my family. A Kenyan family caught, sometimes as innocent bystanders, and often as instigators of the changing political tides of our country.

We are a family of polygamists, missionaries, alcoholics, single mothers, Mau Mau freedom fighters, colonial informants, politicians, school drop outs, doctors, and myself, a filmmaker. We are all held together by our Matriarch, my grandmother Wanjiru Kariuki.

This is a celebration of the character of our country, my family and our Matriarch. My grandmother is the creative force that has nurtured and marked us, as Kenya has. Kenya is polarized, sometimes in violent ways, sometimes it creates a surreal existence. My grandmother has lived through most of a century of Kenya’s history. My family has been both a creator and a victim of this history.
We are just a ‘normal family,’ in a country celebrating independence from colonial Britain for 50 years. Please take a chair and join us, as we explore Kenya’s history as told through the personal accounts of my large, boisterous family. Welcome to My Normal Kenyan Family.

Ng’endo Mukii was born in Nairobi (Kenya) in 1982. She began her studies in animation in Rhode Island School of Design, and graduated in 2006 with the short film Hasidi, a work focusing on the emotional confusion and jealousy in relationships between couples. Later, she completed a Master’s degree in animation at the Royal College of Art, in London, producing the short Yellow Fever (2012). Here, Mukii reflects on the concepts of skin and race, and what this entails for Kenyan society, where beauty ideals are associated with European characteristics, such as whiteness of the skin. Mukii is currently working on her short film Birika and her first feature film, My Normal Kenyan

Ng’endo Mukii Films is an independent production company based in Nairobi Kenya. We specialize in producing animation and documentary content using mixed techniques. Our films participate in local and international markets, and we have received numerous festival awards for our independent productions. We are involved with local organisations, animators and filmmakers, to develop a diverse media language exploring both traditional and modern culture, and the ever changing digital medium. We are currently producing cross-border collaborations with other African artists, and focusing on co-production development to increase our production capacities.


Manuel Cristóbal Producer Since 2001 has produced eight feature films for the international market, five of them in animation, and has won four Goya awards in the best animation feature category. Among them the awarded Wrinkles (2012), The Missing Lynx (2008) and The living forest (2001). In 2005 he joins Zinkia Entertainment as head of development and distribution with the series Pocoyó. In 2012 he got the CARTOON Tribute as Best Animation Producer of Europe.


Guadalupe Arensburg Producer Movistar+ Spain Head of the Acquisitions and Programming of Short Films. She edited the book Cinematografías. África, published by La Casa Encendida in 2006. She wrote Cinematografías de África. Un encuentro con sus protagonistas in 2010, published by Casa África. She is curator of the cinema exhibition Ellas son cine, dedicated to African woman filmakers and organized by Mujeres por África Foundation. She directs the animation workshop Bridging the Gap.

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