Cecylia Malik / 52’ / 2015 / Polonia

Direction: Cecylia Malik
Production: Akademia Multi Art
Script: Cecylia Malik
Cinematography:  Cecylia Malik
Editing: Rafael Malecki
Music: Adrian Konarski, Patryk, Gegniewicz, Lukasz Szalankiewicz, Ludwik Zamenhoff

The film is an intimate record of a two-year friendship between Cecylia Malik, the film director and artist from Krakow, and a homeless couple. The relationship started when Artur and Iwona invited the director to their wedding, after which they continued to exchange experiences. The couple reveals a different world to the author, and an image of the city that she was unfamiliar with until now. Meanwhile, the director invites the protagonists to take part in one of her artistic projects. 

Visual artist, painter, performer and film director. She has had many exhibitions and prepared a number of artistic projects, including The City, Concert at Mr Hobo’s (Zderzak Gallery, Krakow), 365 Trees, 6 Rivers, Braids of the Białka River, The City Reserve, Greed. Cities and Water Critical Mass. Together with Justyna Koeke, she has carried out two projects: Smoleńsk Street 22/8 and The Modraszek Collective. Her films combine video art and documentary forms.