Katerina Suvorova / 83’ / 2015 / Kazajstán, Alemania

Direction: Katerina Suvorova
Production: Sain Gabdullin
Script: Katerina Suvorova, Johannes Wahlstrom
Editing: Azamat Altybassov
Music: Eldar Tagi
Sound: Igor Gladky

The extinction of the Aral Sea is one of the most disastrous human-caused catastrophes in the world history. Rusty skeletons of ships and deserts of salt fall below the horizon, which once was covered by the marine waves – all these images come to our mind when you think of The Aral, the world after the end. Sea tomorrow takes us to the back stage of the post-apocalyptic landscape. And there, amongst the haunted marshes of salt, we find people. The sea is gone but the people are left.

Katerina Suvorova was born in 1983 and grew up in Russia and Kazakhstan. She shot her first film in 2003 and is a director of animation, music and documentary films. In her works she experiments fearlessly combining animation and documentary. She pays a lot of attention to work with sound and noise music. Her awarded films have bee shown at plenty of festivals in Europe, Russia, and Asia.