Andrea Deaglio / 56’ / 2015 / Italia

Direction: Andrea Deaglio
Production: Mu Film
Editing: Enrico Giovannone
Sound: Niccolò Bosio

It all started in June 2015 on the French-Italian border, on the Mediterranean coast. A group of African migrants is denied entry into France and they position themselves on the rocks by the sea on the Italian side. They have become the symbol of Europe’s border crisis. With many elements typical of a classic tragedy where the border becomes a sort of stage, this documentary shows how migrants, police, media, local authorities, charity organizations and ordinary citizens react during an emergency.

Born in 1979, Andrea Deaglio graduated in cinema studies at the University of Torino. He has directed and worked on a number of documentaries, including Nera – not the promised land (2007, Italia, 22′, —a Nigerian girl forced into prostitution describes her everyday life—, winner of the Premio Anello Debole) and Il futuro del mondo passa da qui – City Veins (2010, Italia, 63′, —a no man’s land, a European district, a crossroads of stories—, Best International First Film award at Cinéma du Réel, Paris, 2011 and Docucity Fest Prize, Milan, 2012).