Zimbabwe / 90’ / HD

Estranged from her family by a dispute over her marriage fuelled by her father exercising his cultural powers, filmmaker Tapiwa Chipfupa experiences an identity crisis that shatters her core as a woman. Her dilemma turns into a desire to understand her society and what it means to be a woman in Zimbabwe. She decides to document the struggles and challenges of other women in the country who are determined to transform the daily realities and conditions of their lives. As the troubled country undergoes its most historic and transformative moments, through deeply personal and intimate encounters with the women, Tapiwa finally confronts her own situation. The film develops as a brutally honest and vivid portrait of contemporary Zimbabwe and its vast contradictions

39 year old Director, Writer and Producer, Tapiwa Chipfupa is a socially conscious left field eclectic creative driven by the desire to harness her gift to impact the world. Motivated by the need to present unique and novel perspectives of Africa, she focuses on stories with multicultural appeal, impact and flavour. Reflecting great artistic sensitivity and commitment to just causes as part of her subconscious, she loves to push boundaries and experiment creatively to produce one of a kind thought provoking work. Her inception into the film industry was in 2000. She worked on various films, documentaries, development communication films, music videos and corporate projects in Zimbabwe and the region including the multi award winning series Mama Africa.

TC Pictures (ZIMBABWE)
A young vibrant independent production company, TC Pictures is keen to develop and explore diverse relationships through working beyond its borders. The company is driven by the desire to give platform to unique and novel perspectives of Africa through film. It seeks to incubate, develop, produce and co-produce original content that has multi cultural appeal, impact and flavour. Its main thrust being to explore, expand and cultivate authentic story telling. Since it’s foundation in 2012, TC Pictures has produced films that have been screened at several festivals worldwide and broadcast internationally. It has several projects throughout the region in various stages of production.


Mahaka Media (ZIMBABWE)
Founded in 2001, Mahaka Media is one of the leading production companies in the southern African region with a proven track record in most SADC countries. The company takes pride in producing films that strike a good balance between disseminating information and good old-fashioned storytelling. Over the past three years, the company has sought to grow its portfolio to expand and interact with the world on an international level by shifting its focus to creative fiction and documentary projects that are strong, driven and authentic.

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