Uruguay / 75' / 4K

“Land of children” is a film about the life of a group of wild and sad children, abandoned by the World and deposited by the Government in the hands of an Institution. Children that are sons of nobody, prisoners within themselves and paralyzed by fear of a new abandonment; but free in their secret games. Hours stopped and life becomes a sway between the strict interior of the houses and the violent and chaotic freedom of Nature. A life without Time, isolated from society in a distant island, almost like a refugee camp for the abandoned, where kids and adults drift in the Limbo of the bureaucracy.

Bachelor Degree in Media and Communications (ORT University), Carolina took different courses related to cultural heritage, art and cinematography, some of them at National Centre of Arts (México) and University College of London (England). She is co-founder of the production house Lobo Hombre, where she is General Director today and is also Professor at ORT University since many years ago. With her first film “Frozen man”, Carolina won many national and international funds (Visions sud est, FONA, ICAU, MVD Filma and MVD Socio Audiovisual) and awards at international festivals. The film was screened in more than 15 festivals in Europe (including the Official selection at Miradas Doc), Latin America and Asia and is about to start a tour in Italy (as part of a special program about Man and Sea). In 2010 she won a scholarship from AECID and FONCA (National fund for culture and arts in México) for an artistic residency in Mexico DF. During this process she filmed “Sweet home”, a mid-length documentary. Her first job in film was as Producer of the feature documentary “Hospi” (Castelli, Dur. 90’ – Uruguay, 2011), a film that narrates the life inside a terminal patients´ hospice that belonged to the hospital Asociación Española. This hard experience forged her career, giving her a more sensitive and cinematographic approach, far from the strictly commercial. She is also Producer of “The flowers of my family” (Fernández Hoppe, 75´- Uruguay, 2012; Best Latin American film at FIDOCS 2012) and “The Project of Beti and the tree man” (Buela, 78´- Uruguay, 2013), and currently is producing “Dreams of my father” (Fernández Hoppe, in Production).




“Skeletons”: 5´ – United Kingdom – Uruguay, 2015. Part of the series “The darkness project”, curated by Oskar Alegría.

“Frozen man”: 83´- Uruguay, 2014. (Transcinema Award at Festival de No Ficción Transcinema, Best Uruguayan Documentary Award at Festival Atlanti Doc, Audience Award at Critics Society ACCU Awards, Special Mention of the Jury at MARFICI)

“Sweet Home”: 57´- México – Uruguay, 2010. (3 months Exhibition at Museo Anahuacalli Diego Rivera – México)

Lobo Hombre is a production house based in Uruguay which specializes in creative documentaries. With our work we intend to take risks and allow the directors to take their own as well. All our films have international projection in terms of exhibition and won different funds and awards both in Uruguay and abroad. We aim at contributing to the creation of a national cinematography.


Frozen man – EL HOMBRE CONGELADO C. Campo Lupo, 83´, 2014
The flowers of my family – LAS FLORES DE MI FAMILIA J. Ignacio Fernández, 75´, 2012
Hospi – HOSPI G. Castelli, 78´, 2011

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