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He used to dress in black. He was always wearing dark glasses. He had a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He was the most popular comedian in Spain for his unique jokes and his special attitude. But his success was just an illusion.
The death of the love of his life, Conchita Alcaide, touched him forever. He was obsessed, sad and felt guilty about it. He was depressed, and he never recovered from his disease. His life was bright light on stage but darkness in reality.
Now, fifteen years after his death, we will know for real who Eugenio was.

Director and screenwriter


Bachellor’s degree in Comunication (University Autonomous of Barcelona), Political Sciences (University Autonomous of Barcelona) and Geography and History (UNED).
He has been a freelance journalist from 1998. He has written articles from Kosovo, Iraq, Sierra Leone, North Ireland… He has published in newspapers and magazines such as El Periodico, Interviú, Avui and La Vanguardia. From 2005 he also is the Director of Capçalera, the magazine of the Journalists Association of Catalonia.
He has co-directed La Selva Envenenada (2010, TVE) and 165 Regent Street (2014, TV3). He was the scripwriter and the driving force behind L’Equip ideal (2013, TV3) in collaboration with UNICEF and FC Barcelona. He has also co-directed and co-writed Joana Biarnés, una entre todos (2016, TVE, TV3), a feature film documentary winner of 7 awards at international festivals, as well as Desmontando Laietana (2015, TV3), screened in the cult TV show 30 minuts.


Director and DOP


Founder with Òscar Moreno of REC PRODUCCIONS.
He has an extensive experience as a producer, director, DOP, camera, editor and sound designer for feature film and TV documentaries and docuseries for TV.
Of particular note amongst his works are:
Hoy el día se repite diferente (2008) – producer, co director, DOP and editor- widely acclaimed in many international festivals (Official selection Karlovy Vary 2008, Best feature film documentary award Monterrey International Film Festival 2008, Best feature film documentary AFIA Film Festival Aarhus 2008); the TV documentary Simfonia d’un mercat (2010, Canal 33) – producer, co director, sound designer, DOP and editor; the TV documentary Generació D (2012, TV3) – DOP; the TV documentary L’equip ideal (2013, TV3) – DOP, the TV documentary BCN Re.Set (2014, TV3) –producer, co director, DOP, editor and sound designer; the 7 times awarded in international film festivals feature film documentary Joana Biarnés, una entre todos (2016, TVE, TV3) – producer, DOP, sound designer and editor; and La Guerra Civil en color. La Mirada de los historiadores (2016) – DOP.

REC PRODUCCIONS is an audiovisual production company based in Barcelona with a solid experience as a audiovisual services supplier. From its early days in 2007 until today it has combined service works with its own projects for film and TV. REC PRODUCCIONS has been part of more than 20 documentaries broadcasted in the main Spanish TV channels (TVE, TVC, Grupo Antena 3, Discovery Channel…). Its projects have been selected and awarded in many prestigious international film festivals (Carlovy Vary, Aahrus, Monterrey, Malaga, DocsBarcelona, Abycine…). At the moment, REC PRODUCCIONS is developping two feature film documentaries.

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