Bastien Dobois / 20X3’ / 2013 / Francia

Direction: Bastien Dubois
Production: Ron Dyens
Script: Bastien Dubois
Editing: Bastien Dubois
Sound: Régis Diebold
Original Music: Sylvain Przybylski

Faces from places is a twenty three minute long animated series directed by Bastian Dubois. In it he shows short talks with different people from all over the word. This way we get to know their personal stories, their habits and ways of life. An excellent proposal mixing the attractive of travel logs with the documentary.

BASTIEN DUBOIS was born in 1983 in the North of France, since his childhood he was strongly encouraged by his parents to draw, a trash bag as an apron and his hands in the paint. As a teenager, he had to find a way to seduce girls, so he started some more or less chaotic artistic studies, which lead him to his graduation in infography direction at Supinfocom Valenciennes, France. Looking for a way out from a monotonous life, he decided to make the animated film Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage which – he thought at first – would consist of enjoying life under the sun, drawing a bit. He was nominated to the Oscars in 2011 with this afore mentionned film. Then he directed the series Faces from places based on the same idea, and the short film Cargo Cult.