SENEGAL / 56’ / HD

We follow the artistic exchange between Malinké, afro-cuban and Flamenco percussionists and dancers. This exchange highlights the similarities between these percussionists, and underlines historical links between these rhythms, through the lens of slavery, colonization and modern history.

Sara Maurin Kane:
-Senegal 2014 : “Dansez les arts”
-France 2016 : “Correspondance”
-Senegal 2017 : “La Cour de Joe ”


Fama Reyane Sow :
– Script of « Khel » by Malick Sy Senegal 2017
– Assistant for « SEGA» New York by Idil Ibrahim 2016


Marta Moreiras :
– Finis Terre, Ourense, 2015
-Santiago de Compostela, 2012 – Faces of Rajasthan, Barcelone, 2008
-Suzhou, Santiago de Compostela, 2008
-Essence du Sud, Madrid, 2006

This project arises from the collaboration between Sara Maurin Kane, movie director and artistic director from France and Senegal living in Tenerife, Fama Reyane Sow, scriptwriter, and director from Cabo Verde and Senegal living in Dakar, and Marta Moreiras, Spanish photographer living in Dakar, through Khaleebi Production, a senegalese company based in Dakar producing short movies and movies, documentary and artistic videos, managed by Fama Reyane Sow.