Melvin Durán / 70’ / 2013 / República Dominicana

Direction: Melvin Durán
Production: Ricky Glusky
Script: Melvin Durán
Editing: Israel Cárdenas
Cinematography: Javier Valencia
Sound: Adolfo Sesto
Original Music: Agustín Pinales

Blanco is an observational documentary that portrays the personal lives of six people of different ages who live with the condition of albinism in a small rural mountain community of the Dominican Republic, called Constanza. But they share more than their skin tone. Without having any information or knowledge about their condition, these human beings struggle to live every day as normally as possible, while sunburns and progressive blindness are among the physical sufferings they must endure.

MELVIN DURÁN graduated from cinematography at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. In 2013, he finished his master’s degree in film and interactive media at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, in Madrid. He participated in DocuLab 5 and in the IX Encuentro Iberoamericano de Coproducción Cinematográfica of FICG with Blanco.