Brazil / 80’ / 4K

CAIS arises from the garimpo of photographs of black women in antiques fairs, in an attempt to supply the absence of photos that director Safira Moreira doesn’t have of her grandmother, Maria do Carmo. From a memory that exists, but not in photographs, the documentar proposes the production of images that deal with stories and ancestral memories that are not on her family album.

Safira Moreira. Safira is a black woman from Bahia. She directed the short film “Travessia” in 2017, screened in several festivals in Brazil and abroad. She also made directed photography for the short film “Eu, minha mãe e Wallace” by Irmãos Carvalho, and she is the cinematographer for the feature documentary “Hixikanwe – Estamos Juntas” by Debora Britto. This year, she will script and direct the documentary series “Iyas Idanas – Mulheres na Cozinha”, focusing on the leading role of black women in gastronomy. In 2018, she was supported by F.A.M.A (Avon Women of the Audiovisual Fund) with part of the resource for the production of her documentary “Cais”.

Flávia Santana. Partner of Giro Planejamento Cultural and has been executive producer and director of production of audiovisual projects since 2009. She has produced more than 12 short films and 03 feature films and recently made executive production of the documentary series “CULTURAMA”, by Daniel Lisboa. She is also executive producer of the feature film “Receba!”, by Pedro Perazzo and Rodrigo Luna; the documentary “Cais” and the documentary series “Iyas Idanas – Mulheres na Cozinha” by Safira Moreira.