SPAIN / 70’ / HD

A look at the human condition through my son Airam, aged 14, diagnosed with Asperger and who, aged 8 years old, suffers from a strange PANDAS disease, which causes an extreme TOC of cleaning and contamination. Touching him, and even talking to him, has become something extraordinary.

Mercedes Afonso. Born in El Paso, island of La Palma in 1971, screenwriter, director and film producer.

She has a Degree in Geography and History, specialized in Art History from the University of La Laguna. Diploma in Film Direction and Screenplay at Septima Ars (Madrid). It combines its creative side with the formative one. Filmography: Love moves, Mothers under the skin, Autobiography, Life in the hands.

Lunática Producciones Audiovisuales S.L. Company created by Mercedes Afonso in 2004, in order to approach her cinematographic projects, always looking for an intimate, close, intense cinema, under the filter of a personal perspective. The fiction, the documentary, and the different audiovisual proposals that I have been addressing, are born from a personal seal; easily identifiable both aesthetically, and in the way of approaching the production.

The process can be synthesized in looking, feeling, living and creating … My desire and my need is to transmit, to communicate.

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