I was Sergio too

COLOMBIA / 70’/ 4K

On August 4, 2014 Sergio Urrego, 16 years old, leaves on his mother’s bed a note that says: “Today I hope you read the words of a dead man who was always dead, walking beside fool men and women who seemed vital, he wanted to commit suicide”. Hours later he dies in an emergency room after jumping into the void from the rooftop of a shopping center. A month later, Alba, his mother, tells the reasons that triggered the suicide of her son. Sergio had been the victim of harassment by the principal of his school because of his sexual orientation. Sergio becomes a symbol of equality; and his death is a hard pretext to unveil the anarchist thought of a young man who believed in libertarian education, to question the Colombian educational system and to witness the encounter with a mother who transforms her pain into a flag of struggle against discrimination.

Paola del Carmen Zuluaga

Since 2006, she started working as a field producer in the documentary film and television in Colombia. In 2011 she made the leap to directing, participating in productions such as “El cuerpo herido” (Fiction short film 2011), “El nombre de la gloria” (Señal Colombia 2012 and 2014 – Premio India Catalina), “Somos” (Short documentary 2013) ) “Conectados” (Canal Capital 2016) and “Cuatro Vientos” (Canal Capital 2017). In 2015 she got support for the development of the Fund for the cinematographic development of Colombia project “Much more than two “.

In Pompilia Films, cinema is the only option. In Colombia the stories lie under the stones, are to be found in corners and at bus stops, ships and hams. Films are born from fascination, anger, joy or accident; they are born in the heads of their creators as a disease that produces insomnia and oral monotony. Making movies is as noble as making a filling for a tooth, making a dress or changing a shoe cover. The filmmaker is a son of nature and with his stories he also kills.