Love in conflict


Armed conflicts are scenarios in which there only seems to be death and destruction. In those moments, life seems to wither at the rifles sounds. If this is so, it is possible to love someone when you are surrounded by death? In “Love in Conflict” ex-guerrilla members and their lovers offer us an honest and disturbing look at their relationships during the most violent years of the half-century war in Colombia. As an expression of something deeper and broader, this animated documentary presents love stories that developed fighting against gender roles, military discipline or the passage of time. These love stories, from their diversity and complexity, provide us with insights into obscure and forgotten aspects of the reality of the conflict in Colombia.

Carlos Zerpa (1984). He studied Graphic Design and the Bachelor of Literature in Caracas. Since he was a teenager, he worked in design and has carried out projects in multiple artistic disciplines, from largescale murals in the public space to medium-length animated documentaries. Its production has focused on social proposals for social change in Latin America and the Caribbean. Filmography: Voces para la Paz, Colombia (2017). Director. 5×2´, animated series. Semillas nativas (2016). Animation Director. 4×2´, animated series. Más allá de la mina (2015). Animation Director, mid-lenght visual essay.


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