Jake Kheel, Juan Mejia / 73’ / 2016 / República Dominicana, Haití

Direction: Jake Kheel, Juan Mejia
Production: Ben Selkow, Jake Kheel
Editing: Adriana Pacheco
Cinematography: Juan Carlos Castañeda
Original Music: Daniel Miller

Muerte por mil cortes, relates how Eligio Eloy Vargas, known as Melaneo, a Dominican park ranger who worked in the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, was found dead, brutally murdered by someone using a machete. In the film, this murder becomes a symbol of the broader story of the growing tension between Haiti and the Dominican Republic over the illegal exploitation of charcoal and the widespread deforestation.

JAKE KHEEL is a leader in the field of sustainable development. For more than ten years he has worked to address a range of social and environmental challenges in the Dominican Republic as vice president of sustainability for Grupo Puntacana and vice president of the Grupo Puntacana Foundation, successfully implementing programmes that have won the company many global sustainability awards.


JAKE KHEEL is an award-winning film director with more than 15 years of experience in documentary feature films and shorts. His work has focused mainly on human rights abuses and struggles for social justice around the world.