Tatiana Fernández Geara / 71’ / 2015 / República Dominicana

Direction: Tatiana Fernández Geara
Production: Tatiana Fernández Geara
Editing: Juanjo Cid
Cinematography: Tatiana Fernández Geara
Sound: Sonoro Post House, SLR

Leidy, Fina and Clara leave their children in distant towns to be raised by relatives while they are away caring for somebody else’s child. Going back and forth between urban and rural scenarios, this documentary goes deep into the conflicts faced by live-in nannies. In a love chain, where mother figures are substituted and duplicated, bonds grow strong between kids and their nannies, and between the nannies’ children and the grandmothers or aunts who care for them. Is there just one way to define motherly love?

TATIANA FERNÁNDEZ GEARA is a photographer and documentary film-maker. After working in advertising for several years as a graphic designer and photographer, she received a Fulbright scholarship to study for a master’s degree and trained as a photojournalist at the University of Missouri. It was there that she began to research domestic workers and to produce Nana as her thesis project. On her return to Santo Domingo, she received the 2013 FONPROCINE Award (Fund for Cinematographic Promotion) to turn the piece into a documentary feature film.