O navio e o mar

Spain / 81’ / Digital 4K

Two black filmmakers – Everlane from Brazil, Lara from Mozambique – propose to look at each other through the country of the other. A game of mirrors. Two crossed trips. Self-portraits. The search for the lost traits of their black identities that are reunited, in the end, through the images that both filmed.

Lara Sousa (Mozambique). She studied documentary at the EICTV (Cuba). Her shorts have an essayistic and self-referential aesthetic. Mixing her political vision with a poetic language, unifying the imaginary of Mozambique with other realities. She has directed ‘La Finca del Miedo’, ‘Fin’ in 2017 and ‘Kalunga’ in 2018.

Everlane Moraes (Brazil). She studied documentary at the EICTV (Cuba). Her shorts have a hybrid aesthetic between documentary and video art. She mixes philosophical concepts with social issues of the black diaspora. She has directed ‘Caixa d’água: Qui-lombo é esse?’ in 2012, ‘La Santa Cena’ 2016, ‘Aurora’ 2017 and ‘Pattaki’ in 2018.

La Selva- Ecosistema creatiu. Audiovisual creation studio created in 2018 by 5 Ibero-Americans from the previous experience of doing low-budget audiovisual production workshops with film masters such as Abbas Kiarostami and Werner Herzog. In the previous 4 years, more than 250 short films that portrayed the world were made, and have participated in festivals such as Locarno and Berlinale. From this experience, La Selva was born to develop, produce and market projects for audiences that seek other narratives.