On the other side


There are places where the haves and the have-nots live as neighbours yet separated by a huge fence. To some, the wall is there to protect them from danger and to keep undesirables out, to others it is a prison wall keeping them in, denying them access to their loved ones and thwarting their hopes of a better life. The Mexico/US border is one such place.

Through Close up, personal interviews with children whose daily lives are touched by the physical presence of the border wall and inspired by the children’s drawings we will create a 3d and 2d environment to present their opinion confronting us with the political decision making that permanently affects their lives. It expresses the children vision on the wall, on politics, on Obama and Trump, the feeling of alienation, the concept of the other, their hopes, their fears, the impact of living in such a particular land, working with the children’s reality and imagination. It will present the story with humour and tragedy.

Eva Palacios – Director She is the Course Leader of the BA Animation degree in Portsmouth UK and a Producer and Director of Animation. She ran an Animation company called Toifund for 10 years, working as a producer/ director with clients like the BBC, channel 4, Aardman among many others. In 2016 she set up an Animation production team for The UK start-up company called Lost my name with investment from Silicon Valley, an Oscar-nominated directors In 2017 she Produced 3D mapping Visual Content for theatre Out of this world – shown in Sadler’s Wells, London and touring around the country. In the last two years, she has been producing seven educational Animation shorts for the BBC at the same time as Running the BA Animation Course at Portsmouth University.

Mosaic Films is a well-established documentary and animation production company with a proud history of making award-winning creative documentaries and animated films in the UK and throughout the world. Mosaic is known for its innovate approach to subject matter and style, and has won numerous awards – including 3 BAFTAs and multiple RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards. Its portfolio includes the award- winning ‘To Courtney with Love’, the series ‘A Year in Tibet’, the multi award-winning animated documentary series ‘Seeking Refuge’ and :”Animated Minds” and – most recently -the award-winning “Out of Thin Air” a psychological “True Crime” documentary for BBC Storyville and Netflix.