The Heights


The Heights tells the story of transformation of a scenario and its people in the aftermath of the border fences built in Ceuta and Melilla. The voice of the story is that of the different spectrum of women porteadoras in Morocco who have undergone that transformation, as well as the consequences until today. The villain in the story has no outline but many names. Nobody has ever seen it on these lands because it dwells on the heights. From there, it conditions the lives of thousands of people through its Creature, the fence.

Alejandro Salgado was born in Los Palacios (Seville) in 1982. He has a Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Art History from the University of Seville. In 2010 he receives the INJUVE Prize related to Visual Arts. In 2013 he directed the short documentary “The Disorder of the Senses” for which he receives the ASECAN Award for Best Documentary Short Film, among others. Since 2014, he is part of the production company La Maleta Films. In parallel, he writes and directs for different audiovisual formats. In 2016 he directed the documentary “Bolingo. The forest of love”, premiered at the Official Section of the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA) and was awarded with several national and international prizes. In 2018 he directed his first feature film “Barzaj”.