There´s something I haven´t said

MEXICO / 10’/ 2K

In a café at a small town in México, three women break the silence and tell how, in the surprise of discovering that they are pregnant, they decide to interrupt it. Between heart breaks, violence, disagreements, medical indifference and double standard; Mariana, Carla and Adriana, reveal in an intimate way the w how they face their unwanted pregnancy. Making the decision to abort leads them to take a personal journey, rediscovering themselves, confronting their fears and finding their strength. Despite living in a Mexican society, which denies the right to decide over their own bodies, they choose not to be mothers.

Massiel Hernández.

Photographer and audiovisual producer. She works as an independent photographer, and has been selected in several exhibitions, including Women who paint with light (2013), collective exhibition as Pragati (2013), Woman who knows Latin (2014) made by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Estate of Colima, carried out in the city of Colima. Selected in the FOTOFEST 2nd edition, held in the city of Holguín, Cuba in May 2013. She is part of the founders and organizers of the Feminist Cultural Festival in Colima, México. In 2015, she participated in the project called Voces de mujeres, transformative stories, which brought together women from different parts of the country, with the intention of carrying out photography, radio, photo-reportage and audiovisual media, highlighting the importance of women from different geographies of the country. This is how he makes the documentary called “Epitacia, living word”, with which he won the award “Zanate Colima” in the ninth Zanate Mexican documentary film festival, held in November 2016 in Colima, México. This short documentary was also part of the official selection of MIC Gender 2016 and of the Film and Human Rights Festival of Madrid, 2017 edition.