Jaime Falero / 53´ / 2010 / España / Spain / DVCAM

Dirección / Direction: Jaime Falero
Producción / Production: Jaime Falero
Guión / Script: Javier Gléz Loitey, Jaime Falero
Sonido / Sound: Christian Johansen
Edición / Editing: Vasni Ramos
Fotografía / Cinematography: Santiago Torres
Música Original / Original Music: Gordon Reeve


Ten prisoners from the Canarian prison, Tenerife 2, open up the doors onto their lives by speaking about their criminal past, about their life in prison and their repentance.


soloJaime Falero has written, directed and co-produced professional films “The Last Business” (2004) (with Beatriz Rico, Carlos Bardem and Saturnino García) National Award for Comedy “Paco Martínez Soria Zaragoza 2006. In 2006, his work “Black Money” / / 29 min / / (with Maribel Verdú, Carlos Bardem Pepe Sancho) included in “Short Canary 2007/2008. More than 35 international film festivals. In 2007 “Cause and Effect.” (Short Canary 2008/2009) Award for Best Short Film and Digital de Canarias VI Jury Mention Festivalito among others. Between 2008 and 2009 works as an executive in his first film “The Metal Hand.”Docufilme prison ended the outlaw 2/2/2010 and ending in June 2010 pilot TV series South Tenerife, with Jack Taylor as co-star for Film!CanaryIslands.







Pedro Felipe Acosta / 24´ / 2009 / España / Spain / 35mm

Dirección / Direction: Pedro Felipe Acosta
Producción / Production: Pedro Felipe Acosta
Guión / Script: Guillermo Delgado Castro
Sonido / Sound: Christian Johansen
Edición / Editing: Manuel López Pérez
Fotografía / Cinematography: Pedro Felipe Acosta, José Juan Hernández, Rafa Hernández
Música Original / Original Music: Christian Johansen
Asesor naturalista: Felipe Siverio


The Canaries are a privileged place to live. They are home to some 13,000 species, many of which are endemic. Although very much transformed by the passage of time, they are real redoubts of biodiversity. This first chapter of a series of eight, covers the processes of colonisation and evolution and shows us aspects that are little known and even unheard of in the strategies of animals and plants that are unique in the world.


pobreazaPedro Felipe Acosta. For years, Pedro Felipe Acosta has been making documentaries about nature in the Canary Islands with the aim of promoting interest in the conservation of the wildlife on the islands. His work has taken him to almost every corner of the archipelago and he has directed and shot over a dozen documentaries about their exclusive natural life









Carlos Reyes Lima / 19´ / 2010 / España / Spain / Betacam SP

Dirección / Direction: Carlos Reyes Lima
Producción / Production: Exterior Noche Pro
Guión / Script: Juan Alberto Hernández, Carlos Reyes Lima
Sonido / Sound: Ulises Morales
Edición / Editing: Ado Santana, Ana María Reyes
Fotografía / Cinematography: Teresa Ruano
Música Original / Original Music: Ulises Morales


A young fisherman works at the circus and learns the trade of the donkey slaughterer for the wild animals. The magician, in his act, used to steal wallets. The young man learned to be a pickpocket and on the buses he performed his act of stealing wallets, “I was the number one on the buses”.


intimidadesCARLOS LIMA. He has participated in over thirty fi lms, in different technical roles foremost among which are Manuelita, the lover of the Liberator, Simón Bolivar, Dragonfl y or La sombra de la libélula and La vida según Ofelia. He studied cinema in the production studios of CONAC (Venezuela) and cinema and television studios. Production Manager for
Venezolana de Televisión. Films made, Las semanas tienen sábados, Viajero nocturo and El tumbe. With a number of international and national prizes. He now lives in Spain (Las Palmas). His activity is centred on the production of documentaries and the pre-production of the feature fi lm, Las cartas de Málex. In Spain, he is the founder of the
production company, EXTERIOR NOCHE PRO.








Víctor Moreno / 84´ / 2009 / España / Spain / DV

Dirección / Direction: Víctor Moreno
Producción / Production: Víctor Moreno, José Antonio Quirós, Aurelio Carnero
Guión / Script: Víctor Moreno
Sonido / Sound: Antonio de Benito
Edición / Editing: Víctor Moreno, Martín Eller
Fotografía / Cinematography: Carlos Vásquez


At the end of the 1960s, the artist César Manrique returned to the island of Lanzarote to turn it into an ideal holiday destination where art and nature went hand in hand, conserving the peculiarities of the island. Fifteen years after his death, thousands of tourists visit the island in search of sun and sand. However, the island maintains a living consciousness, the imprint of a world with an expiry date which shows us the difficult co-existence between tradition and progress.


presidenteVictor Moreno. Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. He began making shorts at a very early age. Subsequently he went to Madrid where he studied cinema and philosophy. He has finished his first full-length documentary, “Holidays”, as part of the Creative Documentary Masters from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).








Jaime Ramos Friend / 30´ / 2009 / España, Senegal / Spain, Senegal / Betacam SP

Starting from the true story of the Senegalese rap group, “Secteur S”, we cover the phenomenon of the immigration which comes to the Canaries, through the testimony of the reality and the day to day life in Africa. Many of the millions of people who live in Africa near to the Canary Islands, are in a dramatic situation which obliges the youngest among them to risk their lives in search of those supermarkets, parks, football fields and those residential areas that they see on television .


macheraJaime Ramos Friend. Born in Tenerife, he gained a degree in the history of art from the University of Seville. Since the early 1980s, he has worked as a photographer and has had several individual and joint exhibitions. In this decade, he became part of the Yaiza Borges group, working as a helper and camera operator. In the year 1991, he won a grant from the Tenerife Island Authority for a project of photographic research. He showed this work at the Fine Arts Gallery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. As a photographic director in the cinema and on video he has made shorts, documentaries, ads and television programmes.






Luis Adern / 60´ / 2010 / España / Spain / Betacam SP

Dirección / Direction: Luis Adern
Producción / Production: Luis Adern
Guión / Script: Luis Adern
Sonido / Sound: Jose Cardenes
Edición / Editing: Manuel López
Fotografía / Cinematography: Luis Adern
Música Original / Original Music: David Ramos

Relato de la expedicion a un 8.000 por parte de unos montañeros canarios   

macheraLuis Adern Ortoll. Comienza a rodar reportajes en Súper 8mm a finales de los años 70 relacionados con la aventura y el senderismo. ;Entre 1984 y 85 participa en la expedición “Sudamérica 83” como cámara de la expedición que durante dos años recorrió el subcontinente.

En 1986 filma los documentales “Canarios en el McKinley” en Alaska y “Ascensión al Monte Fuji” en Japón.

En 1989 filma “Aventura en Marruecos” y en 1993 rueda el documental de montaña “América 93” donde se relatan las ascensiones a tres picos: El Sajama, El Ojos del Salado y el Aconcagua.

En el 2003 filma el documental “Canarios en los Gasherbrum”

Durante treinta años ha estado compaginando los rodajes de expediciones con la realización  documentales de naturaleza y la producción de cortometrajes.