7000 MILES

Pakistan, 90’, HD

7000 Miles is a film about everyday life in two cities that are geographically 7000 miles apart, as lived and experienced by ten people from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. The film discovers parallels of urban existence between those inhabiting vastly different geographies. The participants live in Karachi and New York City – two large metropolitan cities in two countries with very different levels of development, culture and socioeconomics: Pakistan and USA.

7000 Miles aims to de-mystify and de-exoticise the “other” by opening a window into everyday life in both cities. The thoughts of the subjects will be featured in the form of inner monologues, flowing in a stream of consciousness. The film aims to explore the similarities within the inner “demons” that people struggle with during everyday life – the fear of the transience of one’s life, the preoccupation with earning enough money, the fear of losing a loved one. “There (is) a power concealed in everyday life’s apparent banality, a depth beneath its triviality, something extraordinary in its very ordinariness”. The film strips every day life down to its most simple moments: struggling with washing the dishes, avoiding eye contact in crowded public spaces, frowning at an unruly student in class. It is hoped that the exploration of the seemingly mundane activities of daily life in both cities will help break down the perceived differences between the two cultures and ways of living. The inclusion of the inner “demons” that each subject mulls over during the course of a day is aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the subjects, by enabling the audience to discover the subjects through their innermost fears, ambitions, motivations and ruminations. 7000 Miles will present a candid picture of life as it is lived in the present year (2015), without any deliberate effort to present individual histories. The protagonist is life, and at the heart of the film are intimate, often-overlooked moments in everyday life.



Nausheen Ishtiaq is a Pakistani filmmaker, and a Fulbright alumna at the New School for Media Studies, NYC. She has had 5 years of corporate experience in PR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing, 1 year of Tech Social Research experience, and 4 years of experience in theater, improvisation and film. She has directed, photographed and edited several short films in NYC and Karachi, and has co-edited a feature in NYC. Her filmography includes:

-Revolving Door, Dir: Chuck Duncan, 2013. Role: Co-Editor. Length: 90 minutes. HD.
-The Wildau Method, Dir: Jackie Wildau, 2014. Role: Editor. Length: 20 minutes. HD.
-What Boys Do, Dir: Nausheen Ishtiaq, 2014. Length: 20 minutes. HD.
-7000 Miles (Short), Dir: Nausheen Ishtiaq, 2015. Length: 10 minutes. HD.
-J. Doe (Short), Dir: Nausheen Ishtiaq, 2015. Length: 12 minutes. HD.
-Inside (Short), Dir: Nausheen Ishtiaq, 2014. Length: 2 minutes 20 seconds. 16 mm.
-A Spring Morning (Short), Dir: Nausheen Ishtiaq, 2014. Length: 3 minutes. HD.

The Acting Wheel was founded in 2012 as a Pakistan based production, theater and improvisational entertainment company. The company creates community-based events for local, upcoming theatrical and comedic talent, to network and for training, practising and refining skills. 7000 Miles will be The Acting Wheel’s first production venture, in collaboration with Wormhole Productions and Grayscale Productions.