Catherine Maximoff / 70’ / 2015 / Francia

Dirección / Direction: Catherine Maximoff
Guión / Script: Catherine Maximoff & Francis Falceto
Edición / Editing: Rémi Dumas, Tatjana Jankovic
Fotografía / Cinematography: Samuel Dravet
Sonido / Sound: François Waledisch
Música Original / Original Music: Eténèsh Wassié, ses
musiciens et ses danseuses à Addis-Abeba / Mohammed
Jimmy Mohammed Trio / Alèmu Aga / Betsat
Seyoum et Abbèbè Feqadè / Eténèsh et Le Tigre des
Platanes / Alemayehu Eshete / Mahmoud Ahmed /
Tlahoun Gessesse / Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou

Addis Nocturne is an ode for a musical treasure which few people know. Live or recorded, the music hits of the discography collection Les Ethiopiques are in their natural setting. From its tiny bar up to the stage of a big festival, the powerful voice of singer Azmari Eténesh
Wassié abolishes the borders.

Direc. Addis nocturneCATHERINE MAXIMOFF. After studying music and two university degrees in English and Communication, Catherine Maximoff began his career as a production assistant for a festival of contemporary dance. She entered the world of film work in organizing film screenings of dance. She directed her first short film in 2001. She has made four documentaries of creation,
in close collaboration with artists from the performing arts. Today, after working as a writer with directors like Werner Penzel and Vladimir Blazevski, she is developing two feature films.