Adriana Yurcovich / 77’ / 2014 / Argentina / Argentina

  • bronces en isla verde

Dirección / Direction: Adriana Yurcovich
Producción / Production: Adriana Yurcovich
Guión / Script: Adriana Yurcovich
Edición / Editing: Mariano Juarez
Fotografía / Cinematography: Ati Mohadeb
Sonido / Sound: Damián Turkieh, Agustín Demicheli, Fernando Vega, Hernán Gerard

Directora broncesADRIANA YURCOVICH (Argentina) is the director and producer. She was born in the city of Santa Fe andlives in Buenos Aires. Her first documentary, El ambulante, co-directed by Eduardo de la Serna and Lucas Marcheggiano, won 18 awards and was invited to more than 70 festivals, including IDFA and Hot Docs. She has also made several short films, mostly fiction. She was the executive producer of the films Rosa (Historias Breves 6) and María, by Monica Lairana, and the feature films El refugio de los caracoles, by Eduardo de la Serna, and El día fuera del tiempo, by Cristina Fasulino.

In a tiny village of the Argentinean pampas, a group of volunteers carry out a brass music festival. Tubas, trombones, trumpets, french horns, cows, renowned musicians and village residents live together for a week.