Mercedes Afonso / 10’ / 2014 / España / Spain

  • fotograma autobiografía

Dirección / Direction: Mercedes Afonso
Producción / Production: Lunática Producciones Audiovisuales
Guión / Script: Mercedes Afonso
Edición / Editing: Ángel Valiente
Fotografía / Cinematography: Jonay Delgado
Sonido / Sound: Manolo Tricás

When we are born we do not remember anything. And so we cry. One day Suddenly, upon awakening, we remember everything. And we cry too, because almost always, when one remembers, the Others no.

Foto Mercedes AfonsoMercedes Afonso has filmed the following works: In 2015 Sara and stars (feature film in development), elected in the laboratory Leace script development and co-production forum Cinescena of La Laguna. In 2014 Autobiography (documentary short). In 2013 Mothers under the skin (documentary). In 2012 Life in hands (short film). In 2010 Bells (short), which received special mention in the Festivalito of La Palma. In 2008 Love moves, seen in the Valencia Mostra film. In 2001 Earth from the Moon (short), seen in the Film Festival of Las Palmas.