Behind the yellow door

Lucas Vernier / 83’ / 2015/ France

  • fotograma behing the yellow...

Dirección / Direction: Lucas Vernier
Producción / Production: l’atelier documentaire / Fabrice Marache
Edición / Editing: Marguerite Le Bourgeois, Lucas Vernier .
Fotografía / Cinematography: Matthieu Chatellier, Lucas Vernier .
Sonido / Sound: Tony Hayere, Patrice Raynal
Música Original / Original Music: Philippe Wyart
Comedian: Lou Castel

One day in my teenage years, I met Mr Dille, a neighbor. He later sent me an intriguing photograph with a message asking me to visit him… “behind the yellow door”. Mr Dille was in fact Lutz Dille, an eccentric artist now deceased. He had dedicated his many lives to a single obsession: to take photographs of people in the streets of the world. I never replied to his invitation. Strong feeling of having missed something…

director Behind the yellow doorLUCAS VERNIER. After studies of history and cinema at the university of Bordeaux and some video essays (Cambodia 80 Projection and The Harmony of the fate), Lucas Vernier realizes with Behind the yellow door hisfirst documentary of creation. This film imagine the post-mortem meeting between the young film-maker and his neighbor, the big photographer neglected the art history. Since 2009, he also develops a film shot in the Syrian desert, Chercher Qédar, a documentary road movie with old photos for guide, and a book writes by his grandfather who was a meharist in the Syrian army under French mandate….