Thanh Hoang / 15’ / 2015 / Vietnam

  • fotograma the funeral singer

Dirección / Direction: Thanh Hoang
Producción / Production: Thanh Hoang
Guión / Script: Thanh Hoang
Edición / Editing: Thanh Hoangi
Fotografía / Cinematography: Pham Ngoc Lan-Dinh Duc Thanh
Sonido / Sound: Trung Kien, Hoang Minh Ky, Tran Anh Dam
Música Original / Original Music: Kieu Van Bay and Brothers

Mr Bay for the past 25 years, is hired to mourn the saddest melodies for the dead person in funerals. His sorrowful singing is attempted to express family’s gratefulness to the passing loved one, and awake the soul of the living children. As a father of 7 daughters, the dedicated musician has no hope to have a son to hand down the family’s career, and to sing for his death.

Thanh Hoang is a young filmmaker. He has worked as a television journalist, in advertising and in the media for many years before starting his career in documentary film. In his work there is a great concern for culture, women and social inequality; and especially for people who struggle for the survival of their race, gender, class or religion. Hoang tells his stories from the repeto and understanding as criticism of traditional journalism. He recently received the National Board of Review cited for his documentary The singer’s funeral for Best Documentary film