Andrés Sandoval / 26’ / 2015 / Colombia

  • fotogrma el ojo de macando

Dirección / Direction: Andrés Sandoval
Producción / Production: Grace Puente
Guión / Script: Andrés Sandoval
Edición / Editing: Daniel Sánchez
Fotografía / Cinematography: Javier Ballesteros Quiroz
Sonido / Sound: Wilson Medina
Música Original / Original Music: Macondo Trio

The search for the origin of the perfect photo, titled El Pavo Real del Mar, triggers a journey to one of the mythical land of the cultural history of the twentieth century, Macondo, the territory of Cien años de soledad, but also the land of birth of the photographers teacher Leo Matiz. A sentimental journey through their last steps, from the testimony of the few locals who knew him in life. Also a trip to the memories of his childhood.

Andrés Sandoval is director of film and television degree from the National University of Colombia. He has made the projects Bardo (2009), Web Pop-Ups Tv (2011) and Albirroja passion (2011). El ojo de Macondo (2015) has been selected in several international exhibitions and festivals such as the Festival of Sao Paolo and CineLatino Festival of Film Schools Montevideo. He now works for Canal Cartagena, developing television and commercial content.