Far from home

Vanessa Rousselot / 54’ / 2015 / España

  • fotograma En otra casa

Dirección / Direction: Vanessa Rousselot
Producción / Production: Gilles Le Mao, Sofia Morate, Nicolás García
Guión / Script: Vanessa Rousselot
Edición / Editing: Ainara Nieves Magan
Fotografía / Cinematography: Frodo García Conde
Música Original / Original Music: Nicolás Francart

In Madrid, some women take care of other people’s children and parents in order to allow their own families to survive, somewhere in Latin America. They have left everything, knowing that they would have to wait until their return to start to live again. As the years go by in Madrid, another uprooting is getting close.

Vanessa Rousselot directed the documentary (No) laughing matter, that tells the story of a quest for Palestinian humor throughout the West Bank, and has been awarded several times and broadcasted in more than 20 countries. Author-director of web documentary Drawing the Revolution on some of the most important Arab cartoonists for The Guardian and France 24, she also directed Pioneers, a documentary about Libyans first democratic elections that took place in July 2012. Vanessa began to work on En otra casa (Far from Home), in Spain, being a member of the Academy of France in Madrid in 2012-2013, as a Filmmaker.